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All About The Moose


This site is all about my views and the views of a selected few. If you don’t like them or you are offended, then I apologise, but for fuck’s sake, get a life.

Some of the posts will be controversial (sometimes deliberately so) and if you agree or disagree then post a comment. All decent comments that provide a reasonable argument and are expressed in an educated way will be approved. Even if they are having a go at me. If you post an arsehole comment that has no basis in fact, then you will be held up to ridicule.

Offence is perceived, so if we do offend it is your job to explain how we have offended clearly and concisely. No ranting or raving will be allowed unless it is done with humour.

If you can’t take a joke, or if you’re an aresehole who takes himself or herself far too seriously, please leave this website immediately – you won’t like it!

Site Rules & Guidelines

We want people to place comments when and where possible. We want to engage with everyone. But, any comment that comes from a complete and utter ‘knob jockey’ will be censored. On the other hand, if your comment is useful and/or humorous it will be listed and we will engage in some proper banter. 

We are always looking for guest contributors and if you have any relevant and funny articles to post please get in touch via the contact form.